Nikica Gilić

Nikica Gilić: Documentarism and education

Since the first moving images, cinema has been used to inform, edify and educate. During the early days, this usage has usually corresponded to the ancient tradition of public lecture as a form of entertainment and education. As the medium of cinema has become more and more established, however, film has been increasingly used as an agent of education with a very specific purpose – that of social change. In that regard, avant-guarde documentaries of the Soviet Montage School, New Deal Documentaries, British Documentary Film Movement, and other historical schools are fairly similar to contemporary documentary film, video and the Internet – and, in fact, with any contemporary type of moving pictures. Thus, we arrive to the questions: What is the relationship between moving pictures, education and activism? Which elements of this relationship are generic; which are subject to change? Some of the most influential descriptions of these relationships  have been developed in the context of ontology of the moving image – yet, it is also necessary to consider the ever-changing social expectations. Starting from the age of silent film and ending in contemporary digital communities, this talk inquires the complex interplay between moving images, education and activism.


gilicNikica Gilić (Split, 1973).
Studied comparative literature and English in Zagreb, Croatia, where he got his PhD in film studies in 2005. He works as associate professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, where he teaches history and theory of cinema. He also teaches film theory at Academy of Drama Art in Zagreb and often gives guest lectures in post-yugoslav contemporary cinema and history of cinema, most recently in Regensburg, Germany and Brno, Czech republic. He is editor in chief of Hrvatski filmski ljetopis journal and a member of the editorial boards of online journals Images (Croatia) and Apparatus (Germany). He wrote books Uvod u povijest hrvatskog igranog filma (Introduction to the History of Croatian Film, Zagreb 2010 and 2011), Uvod u teoriju filmske priče (Introduction to Theory of Narration in Cinema, Zagreb, 2007) and Filmske vrste i rodovi (Film Genres and Types, Zagreb, 2007, second, online edition 2013). He is the coordinator of Doctoral programme in literature, performance arts, film and culture in Zagreb since 2013 and in 2015 he became an Associate Research Fellow at the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, University of Regensburg). He worked on juries and sellection comittees of several festivals, such as Pula Film Festival, Dani hrvatskog filma, ZagrebDox and Animafest Zagreb.